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At Happily Parenting, our ultimate goal is to strengthen families. We know from years of research that the strongest families occur when the marriage is the primary relationship of the family. After all, when God told Adam that he needed a companion, He didn't send a child or a mother-He sent a wife! Our classes always include plenty of methods to build up marriages as you raise your children together.

If you are a single parent, Happily Parenting is here for you, too. Our classes address topics such as widowhood, blended families, step-parents, dating as a single parent, and many others.

What Exactly is Parent Coaching?

A Leadership Parenting Coach™ works with both couples and single parents to identify challenges in their current parenting practices. The underlying purpose of a coach is to encourage parents to take a Biblical approach to parenting: to be a God-ordained, loving authority in the home. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, "For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." While marriage is ordained by the Lord for life, parenting is designed to last for a season. Parenting coaching, while designed to guide parents in their parenting endeavors, also encourages them to make a healthy marriage the primary relationship in the home.

What Should I Expect in a Private Coaching Session?

Each private coaching session begins with an interview-based evaluation of the family. This assessment helps narrow the parenting problem areas and the goals of the parents. The coach will then work with the parents to develop a customized coaching plan to solve target behaviors/issue and assist the parents in becoming leadership parents. Your coach will be very involved in guiding you through the constructed plan primarily in the beginning sessions. She will be available to you via phone and email between sessions to answer questions and provide guidance. Parent coaching is designed to be temporary--typically no more than three months. Parent coaching is not therapy or psychiatry. Your parent coach will meet with you, the parent, and will not speak to or otherwise engage with your child or children. If your coach determines that observing your child or children in a natural setting may be helpful, your coach may present this as a potential part of your immediate coaching plan.

Happily Parenting is able to provide coaching sessions to families outside of the South Carolina area through Skype and phone consultations.

Coaching is billed hourly, and rates are available upon request via email or phone. Appointments should be made via email for coaching sessions at

Parent Coaching Services Offered

  • In-Home Meetings
  • Meetings at our Happily Parenting Headquarters (HPHQ)
  • Phone/Skype Consultations
  • DSS court-ordered coaching sessions

Resources for Parents

We are available to speak to your church group, small group, MOPs group, etc. Check out our calendar of events to see when we will be in your area, or contact us today to schedule a presentation.