Happily Ministering

“Stacey provided Life Springs Worship Center with one of its most talked about summers as she taught her 'parenting pearls of wisdom’ each Sunday morning in July. Her teaching is vitally needed in our corroded culture today."

Derrick V. Gardner

Attention churches: YOU are vital in strengthening families and equipping children to become dependable servants for the Lord. We want to help!

In her role as parenting coach and educator, Stacey is frequently invited to speak to church groups and to conduct training with ministry staff. For more information about classes for your congregation or training sessions for your ministry staff, contact us today!

Parenting Classes

The Well-Behaved Child

The Well-Behaved Child is our most popular and most requested class. This eight-week series focuses on "discipling" children to grow in humility and learn to serve others rather than be self serving. Specific topics include tantrums, homework motivation, potty training, bedtime struggles, picky eaters, disrespectful attitudes, and establishing successful routines. This series is perfect for both parents and teachers in school and church settings.

Week 1: "The Parent-Centered Home"
Week 2: "Why Children Misbehave"
Week 3: "Leadership Parenting"
Week 4: "How to be a Big Fat Meanie"
Week 5: "Parent Babble"
Week 6: "Fill your Toolbox"
Week 7: "From the Bottle to Behind the Wheel"
Week 8: "Family FIRST"

Abbreviated versions of this series are available to meet your facility's needs. To host this series at your church, or to request individual parts of this series for your MOPs or small group, contact us today!

Child Safety from Crib to College

We can't be with our children at all times, but we still must do our best to protect them. So what are some good measures to take? What's overkill? This class will present the sobering facts about predators and how we, as parents, can safeguard our children-and how we can teach them to protect themselves.

Child Abuse Prevention Policy Seminars (CAPPS) Staff Training

In addition to parenting classes, we are also able to provide bi-annual Child Abuse Prevention Seminars for children's ministry leaders, teachers, nursery volunteers, youth leaders, and anyone at your church who works with children. Our training session is in compliance with the recommendation of the Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company, which provides insurance policies to many churches across South Carolina.

We also provide specialized training for "Junior Leaders" (pre-teens and youth members who want to assist in ministering to children).

What Parents Are Saying

"Fun and right on the mark. Thanks for making me the meanie!"

"Thank you for providing real life strategies and relieving parent guilt for disciplining children. I have stopped asking myself WHY my child is misbehaving and just dealing with the behavior."

"This series was not long enough!"

"I loved how honest Stacey is and the great examples she gave!"

"I really liked when I realized I wasn't doing anything for myself and it was the main reason I became overwhelmed. Now I make time for me and I have more energy to take on my responsibilities as a mother."

"The HUMOR! Nice to joke about the issues of raising children!"

"You are awesome! Loved the real life examples and humor."

"I learned how to be a parent...not a friend."

Stacey's Personal Testimony

I was blessed to have grown up in a Christian home, and I accepted Christ as my personal Savior at a very young age. I grew up hearing stories of people in my life who felt "called" to serve in different areas, and I was taught to serve others with a healthy dose of southern hospitality! But I never understood the meaning of a true calling-until I got mine.

As the child of a teacher and child center owner, I always dreamed of standing before my own classroom filled with happy children. But a few years ago, it became clear to me that God was calling me to teach parents instead-with the goal of raising a generation of humble, God-fearing, well-behaved children. While my plan was to teach children (which I did for more than a decade), His plan includes helping parents to strengthen their homes by becoming true leaders. I consider my service a joy and an honor!

"It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had His eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone." Ephesians 1:11-12 (from the Message)

A Few Previous Speaking Engagements for Parents Include:

  • Dunn's Chapel, Parenting Conference - West Columbia, SC
  • SC Baptist Convention - Columbia, SC
  • Saxe Gotha Presbyterian, The Well Behaved Child (4 week class) -  Lexington, SC
  • First Baptist of Lexington, Gary Chapman Conference, Session Speaker - Lexington, SC
  • MOPS of Greenwood, Monthly Meeting Speaker - Greenwood, SC
  • MOPS at Northside West, Monthly Meeting Speaker - Lexington, SC
  • Bethel Worship Center, Women of Worth Spring Conference Kenote Speaker - Camden, SC
  • Nazareth UMC, Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage and The Well Behaved Child - Saluda, SC
  • Dunn's Chapel, Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage - West Columbia, SC
  • LifeSprings Worship Center, Parenting Conference - White Knoll, SC
  • Holland Avenue Baptist, The Well Behaved Child (8 week class)- Cayce, SC
  • Northside Christian Academy, Seminar for Parents - Lexington, SC
  • The Harvest, Perfecting Your Parenting Conference - Lexington, SC
  • Beulah United Methodist Church, The Well Behaved Child (8 week class)- Gilbert, SC
  • Midland Valley Church of the Nazarene, The Well Behaved Child (6 week class) - Graniteville, SC
  • Radius White Knoll, The Well Behaved Child (8 week class) - White Knoll, SC
  • State Street Baptist Church, The Well Behaved Child (8 week class)- Cayce, SC
  • Chapin Baptist Church, Parenting Sermon Series (via Skype) - Chapin, SC
  • Miss Debbie's Nursery School, Parenting by the Book (six week series) - West Cola., SC
  • LexingtonMommy.com, Lexington Mommy Expo - Lexington, SC
  • LexingtonMommy.com, Babies and Bumps - Lexington, SC
  • Life Springs Worship Center, Sermon Series - White Knoll, SC
  • HPHQ, The Well Behaved Child - South Congaree, SC